Mitra Robot is a Humanoid Robot designed and developed by the Indian startup Invento Robotics, a robotic company in Bangalore founded by Balaji Viswanathan. Mitra Robot made its first appearance in November 2017 at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in 2017 where it greeted Ivanka Trump senior advisor to the U.S President and also interacted with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi

The five feet tall robot, Mitra-2 is India’s first humanoid robot built and designed to engage in hospitality management and workplace productivity. Mitra can be integrated with a range of CRM applications and interacts with customers over voice. It had also received media coverage in 2017 during the Global Entrepreneurship Summit.


  1. Mitra runs on a propriety operating system.Its body is made of fibreglass and is equipped with a touchscreen and once charged could last up to 8–10 hours.
  2. This robot could interact using facial and speech recognition contextual help and autonomous navigation
  3. Mitra 3 has three degrees of freedom (shoulder, elbow and finger movements) on each hand and one on the head, thus allowing Mitra 3 to welcome guests with a ‘namaste’ and also demonstrate other hand gestures like beckoning people.
  4. Mitra 3 has a better display on the chest and comes with a better resolution as well as camera quality so it could converse as naturally as humans
  5. Mitra 3 is also capable of seamless autonomous movement and obstacle detection, along with speech synthesis in regional Asian languages like Hindi, Tamil, and Sinhalese.

Mitra Robot is utilised in banks, wedding and birthday parties, hotels, malls, airports, cinema halls and hospitals.

This robot is a big step towards the developement of ai and robotics in india but its still a long way from becoming something useful. The soul purpose of this robot is to show the capablity of india in producing its own hardware and software.

Mitra is programmed to greet customers and interact using facial and speech recognition, contextual help and autonomous navigation. The robot is fully manufactured and assembled in Bengaluru.

In a short time, the robot has gained quite a positive response from the industry as claimed by Invento Robotics, the team behind its origin. “Mitra can do just about anything including tweet for you! It can be a party photographer, an intelligent DJ, and an entertainer too.

Mitra is currently in the development phase and the team is continuously working to make it increasingly interactive and also glitch-free, for use in the near future. In terms of its utility, Invento Robotics see the utilisation of Mitra in a number of industries ranging from hotels, malls, restaurants, airports, hospitals, etc.

Editor’s Note

Creativity in India can make poetry as well as technology for the world.

For a large and diverse country like India, these words of Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella cannot be termed as an ‘exaggeration’.

Humanoid robots, in concept, are not new. A similar robot, ‘Pepper’ was developed in 2014 by French robotics company Aldebaran Robotics, which was taken over by SoftBank. Today, around 140 SoftBank Mobile stores in Japan use ‘Pepper’ to interact with their customers. It also became the first humanoid robot to be used in homes. In October 2017, the news of Saudi Arabia providing citizenship to ‘Sophia – the humanoid Robot’ also made the entire world go sceptical and at the same time, excited. However, Mitra has once again made India stand at the frontiers of the global technological advancements.